The following are some of Shashank's Productions.

Sammilan - a Confluence of Indian Folk and Classical Music

Is this Classical meets folk? Is this a marriage of the traditional with the ancient? Spirit-The Indian Music Experience doesn't attempt to answer these questions. It goes beyond cross over music and genres classified as "fusion". Spirit is a bold exploratory journey, a rediscovery of the classico-folk sounds of India - the very root of all Indian Music.

Spirit comprises of Maestro Shashank Flute and Vocal, Anwar Khan Manganiar - Rajasthani Folk Vocals, Dholak (Folk Percussion), Khamaicha/Sarangi, Mridangam/Tabla and Sitar.

One of the themes that Spirit ensemble presents......

Lord Krishna is recognized and revered by His various representations and facets– the innocently mischievous divine child, the flute playing prince with His consort Radha (raasa leela), the destroyer of all evil and the preacher of virtues.

This uniquely assembled thematic concert will explore every such nuance of Krishna by bringing together various musical styles and mediums. It attempts to be a one-of-its-kind showcase of Krishna as He is interpreted and loved in various parts of India.

The flute is central to the concert just as it is a characteristic depiction of Krishna Himself. Every piece in the concert is a traditional song, selected from various parts of India, to which each musician will lend his own interpretation, binding it together to form a very special musical creation.

Maestro Shashank’s reposeful flute combines with the rustic and folksy flavour of traditional Rajasthani Folk music by the Manganiyars known for their Krishna geet, the sublime sounds of the sitar and two virtuoso percussionists playing the Mridangam / Tabla and Dholak.

The concert is unique not only in its theme and presentation as a harmonious mingling of very distinct musical styles, but in a sense an integration of Indian cultures and traditions. It is a celebration of the Lord, of culture and of course, the music.

A video featuring Sammilan

Maestro Shashank and The New Jungle Orchestra

The Jungle Orchestra and Shashank collaborate often in performances. A very unique ensemble, this presents music based on the Jazz tadition inspired by sounds from the Jungles. The New Jungle orchestra toured India in 2010 with successful performances in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh.

A magical Fusion..... The Hindu, Feb 2010
Welcome to The Jungle ! .... Deccan Herald, Bangalore, Feb 2010

A video featuring Maestro Shashank and the Jungle Orchestra

Maestro Shashank with Masters of North Indian Classical Music
(Instrumental and Vocal)

Shashank is one of the few artistes who collaborates very often with Masters of North Indian Classical music in duet performances. The duet performances of Flute with Sitar, Sarod, Hindustani Vocal, Flute or Sarangi could be booked by concert organizers. These performances would be accompanied by two percussionists Mridangam and Tabla.

A video of one such performance could be viewed below.